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We believe the most important part of the work we do for our couples comes in observing, listening, and learning about you, your family, and your wedding; all the things that matter most to you. We will work together in advance to reveal the style of images that speak to you. From this learning, we put together a plan so that our style, becomes your style.

Our job is to ensure your ultimate satisfaction on the day of your wedding while creating breathtaking images that will become the cornerstone of you new family’s legacy. And our greatest desire is to provide you with classic, timeless, and most of all, meaningful photographs of one of the most significant days of your life.

After years of experience, we still find each wedding to be more exciting than the last, and we try to make each one the best one that we’ve ever done!

Peter Miller, Head of Photography

As a child I always loved to draw and paint.  I soon realized photography was the creative outlet I was missing in my life which was born the same time as my daughter.  Three years later, I was ready to leave my job to pursue my dream of becoming a wedding photographer.  We decided to relocate from New Jersey to Charleston, SC and are absolutely thrilled to call Charleston home.  Since then, I have photographed weddings all over the country.  Equally comfortable photographing an event out of town or in my own backyard, I seek to go beyond mere documentation and create images that evoke real emotion and a strong sense of relationship between the people and their images.

There are so many minor details that will be captured in your images. That stolen kiss, the piercing glance of pride from a parent’s eye, and the tears of joy, all will unfold in what feels like a matter of minutes and you will have no time to process them.  When you see your photos you won’t believe that you missed some of these precious moments and memories. Our photographs will let you relive the emotions that were shared by the guests in your story, every single time you look at them.

Dylan White, Lead Photographer

Growing up, I was the classic shy kid that was unsure how to best express myelf. To me, socializing was a complex calculus problem and yet creative arts were as easy as breathing. Not to say, that I did not want to be heard. I needed more than just my personal sketchbook of daydreams, though. I wanted to find a powerful way to directly connect with the world around me.

At age thirteen, I picked up my first camera and I have had one in my hand ever since.

Years have now passed and I won my battle with shyness. In return, the world has offered me the opportunity to be a part of a multitude of different kinds of professional photography projects. I have captured images of food for restaurants, products offered by emerging companies, fashion for style magazines, families wanting something special for their albums, aerial views of construction projects, things for my own personal concept art, and so much more. Any day starting with an email that reads: “Dylan you have to come photograph this!”, is a GREAT day.

However, I would say that my favorite photography is being with two people on the what is the most important day of their lives. Wedding photography allows me to create strong, symbolic, and emotional images, that connect with people and lets them get lost in memories. It truly is the best feeling in the world to know that I am the reason couples can relive their very special day for years to come.

I go into every wedding remembering that fact and I make sure I am worthy of it.

“Peter and Dylan were my incredible photographers. They were so easygoing and able to deal with the craziness of a big Irish family. They made sure all of the shots I asked for were completed. They made the bride/groom photos fun being that we are a shy couple. Overall I would highly recommend signing onboard with Pinnacle. It makes your life so much easier!”


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